What is a Commercial BER Cert?

Commercial BER CertThe purpose of a BER certificate or BER Cert is to indicate how energy efficient a building is. The BER cert will provide an energy rating of the building from A1 to G, where A is the most efficient and G is the least efficient. The better the rating, the more energy-efficient the building is, and the lower the fuel bills are likely to be. The energy performance of the building is accompanied by a CO2 emissions indicator.

Which non-domestic buildings require a BER cert?

When a non-domestic property is built or made available for sale/rent, it is the duty of the owner to provide a Building Energy Rating (BER) Certificate and advisory report to the new buyer or tenant. Non-residential buildings which sought planning permission on or after 1st July 2008 require a BER, as does any non-residential buildings being sold or rented after 1st January 2009.

Non-Domestic BER Certs

Each BER certificate is published along with an Advisory Report relating to that property. A list of improvements that can be made to improve  the energy efficiency of the commercial building will be stated in the accompanying ‘Advisory Report’, The new buyers or tenants of the property are under no legal requirement to enact these recommendations.

Buildings exempt from a BER cert

The following buildings are exempt from requiring a BER cert:

  • National monuments

  • Protected structures

  • A building used as a place of worship or for religious activities

  • A temporary building

  • An industrial building not intended for human occupancy over extended periods and where the installed heating capacity does not exceed 10 W/m2

  • A non-domestic agricultural building with an installed heating capacity not exceeding 10 W/m2

  • A stand-alone building with a total useful floor area of less than 50m2

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