Energy Audits

Commercial Energy Audits

For commercial and industrial buildings, we provide an extensive range of energy audits. This can vary from a straightforward walk-through assessment to a more comprehensive audit to comply with S.I. 426 requirements.

We carry out detailed Commercial Energy Audits taking a cohesive approach to identify energy solutions for each building. Our team of Engineering & Energy Consultants has identified large-scale energy-saving projects through innovative solutions using established technologies. Codex Energy has vast experience evaluating significant energy users and identifying appropriate energy-saving measures. For energy-saving projects, we have substantial experience apportioning budget cost estimates and carrying out cost-benefit analyses.

ASHRAE Level 1 – Walk-Through Analysis / Preliminary Audit

The Level 1 audit is the basic starting point for building energy optimization. It involves brief interviews with site operating personnel, a review of the facility’s utility consumption, and an abbreviated walk-through of the building. The ASHRAE Level-1 audit is aimed towards swift identification of the potential for energy upgrades, understanding the general building configuration, and defining the type of energy systems. The audit results in a preliminary, high-level, energy-use analysis for the building, and a short report detailing the findings, which may include identifying a variety of recognizable efficiency opportunities.

ASHRAE Level 2 – Energy Survey and Analysis

The next step for most facilities is the ASHRAE Level-2 audit which evaluates the building energy systems in detail to define a variety of potential energy-efficiency improvements. The Level-2 audit results in a clear and concise report and briefing with the management team, describing a variety of Energy Efficiency Measures (EEM’s).

ASHRAE Level 3 – Detailed Analysis of Capital Intensive Modifications

Some of the EEM’s may require significant investments of capital, personnel, and other limited resources. Before making this level of investment, the owner might need a much more thorough and detailed understanding of the benefits, costs, and performance expectations. This is the purpose of the “investment-grade” Level-3 ASHRAE audit.

ASHRAE Audit Summary:

Level 1

Level 2

Level 3

Technical Consultancy

Our team of Professional Engineers and Energy Consultants have a depth of technical and commercial experience. We have a range of skills tailored specifically to answer the issues associated with the growing importance of energy efficiency improvements and the integration of low carbon technologies.

Our personnel has industry-leading expertise in building compliance studies, energy assessments, and grant supports. These skills are complemented by several other technical services; from IES and building energy modelling, to building services engineering and feasibility studies, allowing us to confidently guide clients through projects from concept to delivery. Our diverse capabilities allow us to tailor resources and deliverables required to meet the needs of even the most complex of projects.