Domestic BER Certs (Building Energy Rating)

What is a BER cert?

Domestic BER Cert

A Building Energy Rating Certificate (BER Cert) indicates the energy performance of a home and is accompanied by an Advisory Report. The energy rating can range from A to G, where A is the most efficient and G is the least efficient. The most energy efficient homes will tend to have the lowest energy bills. The advisory report identifies potential energy performance improvements that may improve the comfort levels of the home and reduce the energy costs.

Your Building Energy Rating is calculated through how much energy use there is for ventilation, lighting, heating hot water, and space. Also taken into consideration is the number on average of how many people occupy the building. 

Which domestic buildings require a BER cert?

An owner must provide a BER to prospective buyers or tenants when a home is offered for sale or rent. Protected structures and temporary buildings are exempt. A homeowner must obtain a BER before a new home is occupied for the first time. All properties advertised for sale or rent must display the BER details.

A provisional BER is required in the case where new homes are offered for sale off house plans. The provisional BER is calculated based on design drawings and buildings specifications. When the home is complete, the provisional BER must be replaced by a final BER based on a survey of the completed house.

Steps to Obtaining a Building Energy Rating  

  • First, simply Phone or email us

  • We will then issue you with a quote straight away

  • If you are then happy to proceed, we will carry out your BER assessment within 2 working days

  • Your BER certificate and Advisory Report will then be issued to you on receipt of payment