Thermal Imaging Survey

How can thermal imaging help you?

If your home or business is difficult and expensive to heat, and you are not sure of the level and quality of insulation present, thermal imaging is the only non-intrusive option available to find insulation defects.

CODEX ENERGY use only qualified engineers with suitable training, together with top quality thermal imaging cameras (FLIR E60BX) to carry out our surveys.

Some of the key benefits of thermal imaging are as follows:

  • It easily identifies areas of poor insulation / insulation defects

  • It identifies areas with high risk of damp and mould growth

  • It identifies water leaks

  • It identifies air gaps around windows and doors

  • Air locks in radiators / underfloor heating pipes can be identified

  • Quality of insulation upgrades can be assessed

Thermal Imaging Services we offer:

  • We can carry out building thermography surveys on the whole building, extension, or on single rooms. All of our surveys are followed with a concise report with recommendations

  • We can carry out a full thermal imaging survey to compliment our Home Energy Audit service

  • We can check stand-alone problem areas as per the list above

Thermal Imaging Services